S P A C E (2016)

This project was actually started immediately after my previous release, ‘Resonance’ in 2014. I had several song ideas still fresh in my head from the momentum of that project and I started recording some early demos. I took some of my favorite records released 2014-2016 and tried to research as much as I could about the production, mixing/mastering techniques. Worked to test out new plugins and ideas within ProTools that I have never tried before. Lots of trial and error, but in the end this project really helped me make some huge leaps forward in terms of production quality. Please check it out and play it loud. I hope you enjoy!

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S P A C E (2016) Cover

It Hertz Perception Space Traveler Solar Flare Stripped Down Sitting on the Rings of Saturn

Resonance (2014)

Resonance is a diverse collection of songs written and recorded over the 2014 year. It incorporates many new instruments, mix/mastering techniques and is the first project I’ve done with a video component with it. Was able to film a full album play-through to accompany the release which brought the entire project up to a new level. Check out the HD video here!

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Resonance (2014) Cover

Prologue Blackout Freefall Welcome to the World On the Water Epic-logue (feat. John McNiel)


Thinking Out Loud II (2013)

This is part II of the Thinking Out Loud series and is a continuation of the initial EP, with the main difference being the incorporation of several odd time signatures and new instruments to contrast the straight-ahead rock feel of the original. Part II is an electric ‘guitar-centric’ collection of heavy riffs, memorable melodies and expressive guitar solos, focusing on the unique contrasts between metal, rock, and ambient. Was lucky enough this time around to have Mr. John McNiel perform a killer solo on ‘Ready, Aim, Fire’. The songs came out sounding fantastic, I hope you dig them as well! Pick up the full album here:

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Thinking Out Loud II (2013) Cover

Time and Time Again
Ready, Aim, Fire
Starship Elevator
No Regrets
Sunrise Shores

Thinking Out Loud [EP] (2013)

Thinking Out Loud is a collection of 5 tracks with big hooks and memorable melodies. This project was meant to be a very straight-ahead and accessible instrumental rock album. Consisting of only a power-trio, the goal was to deliver the largest audio experience consisting of only drums, bass and guitars. Pick up the full album here:

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Thinking Out Loud [EP] (2013) Cover

The Big Kick
Khom Loi
Spring Jam

Thrive (2010)

Released on November 16th 2010, Thrive was the collaborative effort between myself and Jeffrey Hunt. The majority of these songs were conceived during my senior year of college (2007) and the 2 years following. With a true studio engineer (Bill McElroy) at the helm, we really captured some great performances to bring together a very live, loud, intense sounding record. Check out more @

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Thrive (2010) Cover

Abandon Right
Sense Again

The Nth Degree (2006)

I began this project during the summer of 2006 and released it on September 1st, 2006. It began the summer after finishing my Junior year at VT when decided not to pursue summer work. Instead, I aimed at writing and producing some of these ideas I knew were floating around inside my head. With time to wind down and focus truly on the music, I was able to write and record the following CD’s worth of songs over the course of three months.

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WAL/Extra Recordings - 2008-2010

These are recordings performed with my brother Jared Law (drums) and Dad, Elliott Law (Bass/Rhythm Guitar). We don’t get to jam out together too often, but once in a while when we get together, we turn on the recorder and see what happens. Sometimes they turn out pretty cool.

Law-Hunt-Law (2009)

These are a collection of songs and ideas recorded with Jeff Hunt, Jared Law and myself. With one of the ‘fattest’ basses in the land, Jeff really gets some great tones coming direct out of his G&L and Avalon pre-amp. Definitely some of the most intense and destructive low ends I’ve heard. Jared is always super dependable and powerful with his drumming.¬† Love the tension on that snare drum. With jams like these, it’s always great to truly be experimental, try things, and see what you can capture on the fly with pure improvisation. Yes, there are plenty of mistakes, more than enough, but thought the jams were worth posting.