Resonance (2014)

Thank you for checking out Resonance! This project was incredibly fun to work on. It was something different for me in terms of the use of many different elements, different instruments, recording techniques, and the inclusion of the video production was really neat. I wrote and recorded these 6 tracks using ProTools in my home studio here in Richmond, VA. They included the use of an Ibanez RGA 7-string with Seymour Duncan ‘Blackout’ pickups, a PRS Custom 22, and an American made Fender Stratocaster. All drums were programmed using Addictive Drums.

BandCamp  / iTunes / CDBaby

Resonance-Front Resonance-Back

In addition to the music on the this record, I have included a full play-through of the record! It was arranged and shot using a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition camera! The music bundle, which ships with all kinds of clips, clams, and mounts for use with instruments added an awesome visual to accompany the songs themselves! Put on your best pair of headphones and stream the entire project below!


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