S P A C E (2016)

Thank you for checking out my latest release! For this project I tried to imagine what it would be like to be alone on this planet with nothing but a small space craft. Upon leaving this planet in search of anything or anyone else, I envisioned his emotions would start with motivation, then morph into marvel and admiration of our neighboring stars and planets as he moved onward and outward. After what seems like endless travel though the galaxy, he experiences frustration and eventual loneliness in search of human contact. He finds himself docked on one of the circulating rocks in Saturn’s rings, watching the sun rise while orbiting the planet. Somewhat of a crazy idea, I know, but if you listen to the EP cover to cover, and think about what it would mean to see things from this perspective, and on such a grand scale, the music tells that story. The track list flows in this same sequence of emotion helping create this experience. Once again I was lucky enough to work with some great guest artists who’s contributions were phenomenal and helped take the songs to the next level. John McNiel and Dean Berry lent their outstanding guitar skills and Ori Shlezinger for his beautiful piano playing.

In addition to the music, I have also included a full EP stream over on YouTube! Put on your best pair of headphones and stream the entire project below! Please don’t forget to subscribe and share as it helps me out huge in spreading the word!