Thinking Out Loud II (2013)

This is part II of the Thinking Out Loud series and is a continuation of the initial EP, with the main difference being the incorporation of several odd time signatures and new instruments to contrast the straight-ahead rock feel of the original. Part II is an electric ‘guitar-centric’ collection of heavy riffs, memorable melodies and expressive guitar solos, focusing on the unique contrasts between metal, rock, and ambient. Was lucky enough this time around to have Mr. John McNiel perform a killer solo on ‘Ready, Aim, Fire’. The songs came out sounding fantastic, I hope you dig them as well! Pick up the full album here:

BandCamp / iTunes / CDBaby

Check out the full EP stream over on YouTube! Grab your best pair of headphones and rockĀ  the entire project below! Please don’t forget to subscribe and share as it helps me out huge in spreading the word!



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